CakePHP shines! Bootstrap rocks!

Build this massive site in 4 months straight!. CakePHP rapid development really rocks. Build with Twitter's Bootstrap 2 in the front end

I really loved working on this site. Builing it in CakePHP and in Bootstrap. Burned a few brain cells in the process as the mathematical algorithms did my head in !

Used various Jquery plugins, timers, sliders, and naked Javascript
This site has a comprehensive CMS - why not? One word: CakeBAKE!


Fully responsive Wordpress site with Parallax design

Build www.brandand for JJmarketing from scratch in Wordpress. The designs was done by a graphic designer in photoshop. The site is based on the Kutcher Studio - Responsive Parallax Template.

I have added a few plugins. Used the grid system to make the site responsive to mobile devices while maintaining the parallax feel.

I cut up and insert in the CMS all the images and pics
I write the css and html based on the template
I edit the plugins and theme where ever possible


Laravel Framework Website

Veritoy site, build in Laravel from scratch. Once again designed by a graphic designer, I cut up the psd’s and build the html, css and build the themes.

Use Laravel 'blade template system' createlayouts and pages.


Wordpress site CMS Website

Build www.Torquemeters.com for Bonfireci.com from cratch in Wordpress. The designs was done by a graphic designer in photoshop. My purpose was to cut up the psd’s and build the html and css – pixel perfect.

Create the wordpress templates, and make changes on different templates to be interactive and show different displays on different pages.


Concrete5.6.1 CMS Website

(from html to Concrete5 cms site in two days !! )

First page html layout and jpegs has been given to me by the designer)
Create custom templates for the site
Create, Editable areas for the CMS, Stack, Blocks
Edit CSS to be more compatible with the site
Build customs Blocks


Symfony 1.4 CMS Website

Takes and existing php/html site and build into Symfony 1.4 CMS)
Create custom templates for the site
Change layouts and action.class for custom functionality blog functionality
This work was done for Addbox.co.uk


Magento E-commerce Website

Build this website using Magento 1.7 (end 2012)
Create custom templates for the site
Edit the CMS and add custom modules to manage stock levels and import durties
Use CSS3 and HTML5 to change the look and make the site more up to date
Database: MySQL, Javascript and AJAX used for display


Concrete5 CMS Website

Build for www.collectmydebtors.com which was done in Concrete5 from scratch. Once again designed by a graphic designer, I cut up the psd’s and build the html, css and build the concrete5 themes.

I also used a mpdf library to make company/director searches output dynamically into pdf


CodeIgniter E-commerce

Build this website, from scratch. Technology used:
AJAX, Javascript
MySQL database

Website has an advanced CMS backend which has the basic management for the products being sold PLUS a full custom financial managment CMS which operates in different countries under different currencies (google currency convertor api


Concrete5 CMS website

SkySportsAcademy, helps sports men and woman train via online tools

Mysportsacademy in contract with SkySports. The development process was as follows: A designer designed the templates in Photoshop, which then was given to an html developer to cut the designs up into HTML / CSS pages.
We took those pages and integrate it the with Concrete5 CMS/Framework. We also added bespoke functionality to the site where the administrator and users can upload videos - using the Vzaar.com API.


This website is the NHS's answer to continual training for employees

A for more than 6 months me and 2 other developers has worked to re-engineer and redevelop the back end. The website was redeveloped with an in house PHP frame work. The first step was to copy existing functionality and then to build on that. Users on the site has the posibilites to selected 'short courses' according to their skills, back ground and experience. Users can monitor how far and what they have read and studied. As the NHS approves the short courses - they are turned from the original word documents into PFD's. The general idea was to create the PDF with which had to be exactly the same as the original word documents. The site was rich in jquery and javascript to help the user front end experience. Users can add / edit / delete these competences (short courses) and suggest it to other users. Users also can add the competences to lists, which consist of a tree like file structure online.


As far as technology is concerned, this is where it comes together.

The aim here is to download quickly and for this website to be as SEO friendly as possible. The URL's are being rewritten to achieve this. The main frame of the site is done in Div's and CSS.
Uses PHP and a MySql database.

This website has the following PHP functions:

User registration - details on database
Log in and user account management
Password verification and encryption
Email verification and check for duplication
Loading, editing and deleting properties on database
Online calculation
Image uploading, editing and display
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Link management
Administrator Control Panel

Estate Agent Site

We designed this new website for an Estate Agency. It is built entirely with div's, css and flash animations. Done to W3C standards to enhance search engine exposure for all the clients properties.

www.goldenbulgaria.com This website is for British people to buy property in Bulgaria. It is entirely an HTML-based website


This is a penny bid website. The software build in cakephp was bought by littlestarmedia.

A designer did the redesign of the site. Me and another developer added features to it, fixed bugs. The biggest feature added to the site was the PayPal Pro integration with 3D secure setup.

The site also relays alot on javascript for it's easy of use by the user. Like the slider on the front page, pop up reminders and so on. The site has an extensive backend where all the bids, and packages, and products are loaded and managed.

The site will go live beginning 2010

www.bailoutbooth.com The website owner came up with the initial 'monopoly board idea'.

The actual design on the website has been done by a designer in New York. I have taken the designs and implement them. Code ways, I have build the site from scratch.

The Website consists of General Merchandise, Bailout (user requests), Services, Personals, Hangout (online forums), Real Estate, Jobs and Auto sections.
The website depends greatly on video as a media. Videos are uploaded, in different formats, changed to flv, shortened then displayed. A jpg image is ‘taken’ from the video to display as a thumbnail.

The programming was done in dynamic PHP, initially started in CAKEPHP. It also incorporates a lot of function with JavaScript and AJAX. Runs of MySQL, on a dedicated Linux server, with FFMPEG, flvtool2 and mencoder installed. Credit Card details using https send to third party companies for validation where implemented.

It was launched on Time Square New York, and was featured on Fox News and Channel 2 News in the USA . The site took more than 33 000 unique hits in one day.


Functional yet easy to use. Uses PHP, MySql database. Designed in Dreamweaver

This website has the following PHP functions:
Student registration
Log in and user account management
Password verification and encryption
Email verification and check for duplication

Student notice board and results page


Jacke's Resources is a website where the images were prepared by a designer. I got all the graphics from a Photoshop mock up. The whole website was done in div's and css. There is no 'normal' html involved.


HTML design done in Dreamweaver.

Designed logo and lay out of website.


Storktea.com is a website for baby gear and reviews, where the user can register and create a 'my favourites list. The website is still under construction but the whole website is built according to W3C standards in CSS2 and HTML, PHP4, MySQl, and Apache.


LetLay.co.uk, is a website which currently is busy going through re-development useing Drupal


urgangod.co.uk is a Zen-cart driven template driven website. It is customised by me, so hard core coding has been introduced to make the website do things which the template system does not provide for. The website is open source PHP and consists of a full working cart system wtih a back end administrator console.